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Judged by Stressed Tomato Plants

John Cheever said that he imagined once he got to heaven he’d be judged by a panel of Labrador retrievers.¬† I’ll be judged by some stressed out tomato plants. They definitely have reason to deny me entrance.

Stop staring at me!

Three hours later…

two thirds of the way there...I’m lining the paths with photographer’s paper that I got after a shoot with this guy.

Fifteen tomato plants is way too many, I know, but how can you refuse a gift like Mr. Stripey, and I had fisticuffs with another gardener at the Scott Arboretum Plant Swap over some small cherries. And one night¬† whilst walking Polly we came upon a flat at the end of a driveway with a sign for free plants and who could resist someone’s leftover Mortgage Lifters?

Polly wisely waits under the fig tree.


Trash talking

We finally cleared out the vegetable garden. Don’t the bags look like they’re talking to each other?

Psst! Hey girls, have you heard the one about the compost pile?”

“What, are you too good for garden refuse?”