Scott Arboretum Plant Swap

I almost waited until the plants I got at the Swap died to post but that would be really lazy.

Let me take you to the Swap. When one arrives, one takes a gander through what’s there and plans a strategy. The Dearly Beloved and I had a simple strategy: she heads right and grabs every pink thing I’ve pointed out to her and I go left and try to remember what’s she’s shown me.

checking out the plants pre-SwapThen we take our places in line.

the lineIt looks daunting, I know. I met the woman who was at the front of the line. When I asked her what her secret was her answer was so vague I don’t remember it now.

No. 1The rules are read. The anticipation grows.

On your readyYou’ll have to imagine the stampede of plant fiends. I could not photograph and elbow others at the same time.

During the first round:Getting down to it.Our haul. Not bad. We took it to the car and prepared for Round 2 when everyone lines up again and unless marked, every plant is a dollar.

Our haul.Round 2 doesn’t have theĀ  frantic pace and there’s the sense that everything good is gone, kind of like CVS on Halloween when all that’s left is a bag of peppermint drops.

the charge of the geek brigade.There’s still lots to choose from:

you can't post about a plant swap without an ass shot.We stepped into the all-new amazing Wistar Center to check out their restrooms and spotted this lovely little stash. Mhmmm, why weren’t these plants at the sale?

someone's secret stashOn our way home these pretty poppies waved good-bye.

tiny poppies


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