Down to business

It’s ridiculous, I know, but a month of beautiful days has found me inside, almost nailed to my chair, some inner force keeping me in the house. Today my spirit broke through and I got out there in the sunshine and started yanking the weeds.

This is what I’m dealing with:

Even someone who’s not lazy would be daunted by this…and I had already been yanking out the biggest weeds for an hour when I thought to take this photo.

The real motivator was that I asked My Guy Joe, the one who mows  my lawn for money, what he would charge to just come in and do it thinking he’d say 50 bucks, a hundred at the most. He said 300. I felt motivated.

It helps to have assistance:

Nice work Polly!

Isn’t it inspiring when you stumble across a survivor like this:

But this pair is the absolute scourge of my existence, Creeping Charlie and Locust tree pods.

Tomorrow I deliver plants (mostly my partner’s) to the Scott Arboretum’s Annual Members Plant Swap. Look for full coverage of this momentous event!


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