Isn’t this a lovely garden?

Too bad it isn’t mine. Yesterday The Laziest Gardener avoided working in her own desolate yard by edging the garden of her Dearly Beloved’s.

Along the way I noticed the bleeding hearts.

Hummingbirds love this honeysuckle.

Just another view of what's seen when I'm on my knees, sifting weeds from the most excellent dirt.

The Dearly Beloved was potting numerous plants for Scott Arboretum’s Member’s Plant Sale, an event that is the gardener’s equivalent of Christmas morning. Standing in line everyone’s all cheery and polite but as soon as the clock strikes 9 you never saw so many ladies in cotton hats run so fast, exclaiming in Latin all the while.

Meanwhile, back at The Laziest Gardener’s own homestead, the before:

Looks similar to the after:


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