Dangerous Place: Primex

Always two steps ahead of myself, I decided I needed two tons of right dress before I started cleaning up the yard this afternoon. By the end of the summer the pile of plastic and mulch will have created a nice brown spot.

But while I was in the blessed sanctuary that is Primex I was distracted by pretty colors:

Mhmmm, maybe I need some other colors of twine?

And while I kept thinking “rightdressrightdress” what should I run in to but this:

And when I bought a few, the woman ringing me up tapped them and said, “You’ve got to get these Right In The Ground.” “I know,” I mumbled, “March 15th for peas and sweet peas.” I almost started to say, hey, I started this blog called the Laziest Gardener. Like that would help them get into the ground any sooner.

Advertising works because on the sunflower packet it says:

"Create a Floral Hedge"

Do you know how many frikkin packs of these I would have to buy to create a floral hedge?

And as far as the sweet peas go, one thing that works for procrastinators are seeds that resow, like the sweet peas from last year:

There’s also this, just before you walk out the door:

I’ll get a whole bunch of bird feeders and add yet another distraction!


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