Rain, rain I’m going away…

Oh dear, it’s raining. I guess I can’t go outside and work in the yard.

I’m adhering to the warning that walking on the lawn while it’s wet and cold will spoil it.

One of these days I will pick up the locust pods.

I did manage to get flowers into containers under cover of darkness last night.

How long will it take me to actually carry them upstairs and insert them into the window boxes?

The Laziest Gardener is heading out of town. Oh the chores that won’t be done! The peas and lettuces that won’t be planted! The pods that will stay on the ground! The hedge that won’t be trimmed! The flat faced pansies that will nod and turn to each other and ask, when are we getting out of this crowded joint?

Can I leave this house any faster?


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